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This card was designed for a women having specific requirements, which are following:
1- She is a house wife, but wanted her husband's company name to be printed on the card, enabling people to recognize her.
2- Envelope was needed so that money can be put in it and presented elegently, as and when required.
3- Butterflies are embossed
4- the card is printed on a matt semi rough textured medium thick card.
5- the envelop has a flap but not shown in the above pictue.
5- envelope is made out of medium thick card and is matt laminated.

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She needs a card to be recognized?
And an envelope for money!

Can I get one made for me?

I do like the color scheme and embossing.
Maybe the butterfly should be gold foiled.

Sorry for the comments but am I missing something?
Is she part of the business?

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No she is not part of the business

corporate housewives get togather in parites for charities etc.

You got me laughing, ghoogie!

After reading the synopsis, I, too wanted that made for me because of the envelopes with money. LOL

And then I see you wrote what I was thinking!!! I was hysterical! LMAO

BTW—I don't like the gradient circle, it really detracts away from the overall concept—providing there is one??

And I don't think the copy should be in a script font. It's hard to tell, even when I clicked on the original it still wasn't much of a close-up, so if a script font was not used, please accept my apologies.

A little too pink for my taste. Unfortunately, it reminds of breast cancer. Bad, very bad!

suzanne maestri-walters :: graphic designer :: www.onegirlcreative.com

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Design only

well this particular card is not designed for a person who is envolved in actual business, nor selling any product. the embossed butterfly is her personal logo that needs to be on the card at a prominent place.

she needed a pretty looking card with her contact details on, so that the person recieveing the Gift, or Charity knows who gave it.

i totaly understand that the gradient steals the focus, but that is what it is intended here. contrary to this, while designing a card for a person involved in any business, the main focus will be on the contact details and the product that particular person is selling or buying.

however most of the card designs / inspirations, that are available on this foum are design by and for graphic designers, therefore are very well designed, rather showcases of their creativity.

nevertheless there are a very few or none relevant design inspirations available for such a project having very unique requirements and needs.

i also couldnt find any inspiration designs for "a person heading several corporations" its a very difficult task to make a business card of a person who is CEO of 2 corporations and BOD of 3 corporations, having diversified business lines. any suggestions?

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This is one of those deep

This is one of those deep cultural divides we run into here from time to time. Without understanding the context in which this project will be used, there's very little I can say. Could you provide some more info, please? Why will money go in the envelope? Who puts the money in, the wife (to give to someone else), or does someone else put mponey in the envelope to give to her?

Is the envelope die-cut on the back? It looks as if it is, but you didn't say so. Is the card supposed to fit into the envelope, or only money? If the envelope will be used to hold the card, there's no need to repeat the oval deisgn on both pieces.


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The wife puts the money in the envelope to give it

The wife puts the money in the envelope to give to someone else, eg, small cash charity, gift etc.and yes the card fits in the envelope with the Cash, 100 $ bill. folded.

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What an elegant idea. Hmm.

What an elegant idea. Hmm. Charitable gifts of such a high amount in my country are usually given in the form of checks or credit card payments, to provide support paperwork for tax deductions.

Now that you've explained that the card fits into the envelope, I think it would be a good idea to eliminate the repetitive mark on the envelope -- unless, of course, you intend for the $100 to cover up the card, which I could imagine.

An interesting project. Quite a different idea for me to consider :-)


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Sorry for the duplicate post.


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Does your client like pink?

For me, I don't like the fact that I'm a woman to sway people into thinking anything they design for me needs to be in pink, have butterflies, flowers or kittens, and a script font.

But..I don't know your client. She could be one of those women who dyes her poodle pink for all I know. But if you haven't yet discussed your clients' likes and dislikes, I'd do so.

In re-reading your description, I get the feeling this is a completed design?

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YES ! this is a completed design

YES ! this is a completed design

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