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hi guys, I m new here and i hope i m at the right place let's see can anyone help?
I m looking for a cheap and easy way to calibrate my screen, i am aware of the many devices that are made for calibrating but i m looking something fest and free if possible,
so, if anyone has done anything like that please let me know

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search cb first

Welcome! I recommend searching the site before posting a new thread on a topic. There's TONS here about monitor calibration:

There's a wealth of info on this article in particular:

Powerpoint is not a design application

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You could calibrate your screen for free on MacOSX by going to system preferences, displays, hitting the color tab and pushing the calibrate button. This will send you through a series of steps where you will create an icc profile for you monitor 'visually'. It does a pretty good job.

Other solutions require hardware in the form of a colorimeter or a spectrophotometer and a software package. I believe this is the cheapest available.


So, you have options ranging from 0 dollars to 30 dollars to several thousand dollars. Let us know how it goes.