Business Card for my Illustration Services

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I am needing to get some postcards printed to advertise my services as an illustrator and cartoonist.

I would appreciate some feedback on my postcard design before I commit to printing meeeellions (well, a good few anyway).


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I think that the bar

I think that the bar containing your e-mail address is fighting the rest of the design. For me, there is no distinguishable eyeline - I'm not sure where to look first.

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me too, I don't where to

me too, I don't know where to look first . The color is not in harmony. This could have done better if you exchange the yellow text color of "Luke Miller" to the color of your "title" because the yellow looks stand out in your color background than the white. I'd put black stroke in the name. My eyes is bouncing anywhere. You may darken the sky blue a bit in like R-24, G-155, B-170 or 17-165-196. Make the cat a bit smaller. And oh you have the bar in your name text is more lighter. Pls don't put it there in your name. uhm.. remove the bracket in the title. I'd make the text of the website darker and remove the stroke and change font like arial. try it!

I hope the cat is not malnourished to make it lively. The one in front looks sad and the cat looks scared. Maybe u can make him the one in front wink. Is the cat in the right side in blend mod? Maybe remove it, its near the one closer to the camera.

The color of this two character works well with the background color, The yellow text is also nice its not just in order

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Are you not going to add

Are you not going to add your contact info? Maybe you can make the one in front in wink emotion lookin at the audience.

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Your site logo

I agree with the others. I really think that your site logo is great and you should use it with one of your characters on the post card. I believe simple is better. If you just use your logo and your “Sly Cat” and everything on a white background with a red and black font would be awesome.
Lou Lou

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Since you're promoting your

Since you're promoting your illustration skills, why not hand letter your information in the same style as your cartoons?

The transparent cat on the right looks like an afterthought--lose it. I'd also drop the white bar at the bottom and make the background a solid colour. Instead of three characters vying for attention in the foreground, select your favourite and have it front and centre, peeking at the reader over the bottom's trimmed edge.

I have no issues with the strip of illustrations up top--it quickly showcases some of your works.

It's a very friendly piece.


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Thanks for all your comments guys. The animals were actually supposed to be hamsters (not pigs or cats) but I think I may end up ditching them if the confusion is so apparent. I'm going to make some tweaks to it now


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sorry for the typographical

sorry for the typographical error. I mean if you can exchange the white text of your name to the yellow text of your title and put black stroke on name & scale them down. The cat is not malnourish jus thin I think. I think hamsters r cutie. nice cartoons. :)