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Business Card

Business Card

Was looking at concept for business card.
The card is for a Sheet Metal worker, which obviously involes metal folding, cutting, die cutting, furniture, etc. etc.
The business card as you can see opens up, with the logo die cut out of the front. the inside content is just for show at moment and needs work. Just thought would get feedback if this concept was worth venturing down (die cut opening card that is).


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It's certainly worth pursuing if you like the idea. But take it further - you need to be getting a bigger bang for your buck. For one thing, this doesn't really say "steel" to me.

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Is it called 'U1'? because when its closed it looks like "U1" but when you open it up, looks more like 'NJ', Maybe you need to work a bit more on the placement or font of the die cut. Like the color scheme..looks nice, but i agree- it doesnt say "steel"!

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Maybe you can play with the card material. maybe something very hard like actual metal or just metalic ink or something that would express exactly what the business is about

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THanks for comments guys. the company name is Urban Steel...i think this needs to be more prominent, as obviously the mark is not being recognised (U in orange on the -45 angle, then S with the orange and grey on the positive 45 degree angle).

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hows this thing going to hold up under use?

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Yeah thats another issue...coated stock with heavier gsm would help, but would wear.
only one of 3 or 4 concepts at this stage...probably sliding down the list as we go

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