Burning Angel Stuios

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This is my online Portfolio, the idea is that I'm into the cd cover desing so i based the site like if you were cheking a CD.
Or at least is how i see it.

Is all made in Flash with the help of the Simpleviewer gallery that is very handy, 'cus i'm not too much into flash.

The URL is burningangelstudios.com

One of my next ideas soon is to add a Zoom to the images, so stay tune!

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^_^ - Me like!

Hey man, your portfolio work is great, im a big fan of dubtastic / asterikstudio's style stuff... your work is really nice and you have the starting ground firmly in place to make everything work together..

Now theres a few nick-picky things about your site that I feel are letting down a little. I'll start with the things I like first if thats alright, also dude please dont hesitate in telling me to shut up and that you think im wrong but ... I mean well :)

Here goes!

The likes

I love the idea of the site working from CD's , that concept really can work wonders for you, its clear about what you do and really... thats a sweeet idea.

I like the layout of the content, but there are a couple of things i think I would do differently given the chance.

The dislikes.

Now theres one of the legendary mistakes of a web designer, there is a typo on your navigation - (portafolio ? I've not seen that one before, so correct me if im wrong, but it might be best to have " portfolio " ;) )

Next.. i didnt know where your navigation was when I first entered the site, so I had to move the mouse around till my cursor changed to a hand. Your visitors will benefit from a more obvious navigation and also stop it from going back in on each section change, for me that felt a bit annoying and im sure your websites guests will thank you for it too :)

Also, if you are going to go for a photo realism site which feels like its going for, you might want to consider having your larger images appear bigger and as if they were the cd artwork on your CD case on the left? and with text, I know its not a great idea but perhaps rotate your text to fit nice on your cd case.

There might be a couple more suggestions for you, but definatly you've got some (imo) great portfolio work that works very well for heavier music bands (oooh how i love dark epic photoshop artwork - haha )

Nice one buddy, keep it up and if you need any flash help theres loads of flashy helpers on CB so dont sweat it out, just ask us.

Online Portfolio - in progress

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Here is my suggestions..

I like the layout of the site but I do find too many things I don't like..

Forget light grey as a background.. Just have either white or a more darker background, and not the same color as the cover closest to the eye.. It would be more appealing this way!

Take it easy with the shadows, and I STRONGLY recommend you to fix the shadows that strecthes the cds.. It looks like you put a dark square and just blend with it.. Not realistic indeed..

In my opinion I would like to see sharper image on the cds, now they are a bit blurry and that annoys me a bit..

Check so your text, buttons are in the right position.. I noticed that some seems to fly away to the left if the content was on the right..

It's very hard to read and then again almost the same grey as the background, keep driving me nuts =)

There you have my dislikes..

Ideas? Sure I'll give you one.. Try to make it look like you open a CD and get the information there.. Like you do on the real thing.. or flip to the back? =)

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Tnx for the comments, i

Tnx for the comments, i really was looking for that.

Well first the "portfolio" mistake, well i'm mexican and i forget to check the spelling well.. i'm changing that this weekend :S

i was trying to get the whole cd and the text i try to rotate a little but i don't know why when i publish the swf it dissapear..
the menu is something that i'll change to pop at the beggining

Tnx again for that comments!

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Cd Website

this one is 2 years old and one of a kind.

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I also thought of Bob

I also thought of Bob Schnieder's site right when I saw this. :(

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Wow! That's cool!

Wow! That's cool!