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A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not necessarily substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

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3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

How did Apple rise through the ranks to become the world’s most profitable tech company? As it turns out, good timing and shrewd planning have played as much of a role as innovative thinking for the Silicon Valley juggernaut.

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What to expect on Apple's September 12th event

Here is the list of Hardware and Software products people are hoping Apple will announce tomorrow: New iPhone 5 with a larger screen and some cool new feature probably related to payments or music streaming, MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display at screen resolution of 2560x1600px, iOS 6 with Apple Maps that hopefully will set a new aesthetic standard for Google Maps and many other cool features, New iMacs with better screens, Mini iPad 7" at $200, iPod Nano Wristwatch that connects to iCloud and lets you control your TV and other devices, a redesigned Mac Pro that is smaller and more powerfu

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Sim cards in Apple Laptops?

I do not understand why Apple's mobile computers such as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro do not have cell phone radios in them. These radios are very small and relatively cheap nowadays. Apple could easily design these laptops to have a slot for a SIM card like iPhones and iPads have. I don't expect them to add it on iMacs or Mac Pros, but for mobile computers I think it's clearly a good feature to have. Having those USB sticks sticking out of our USB ports is inconvenient and ugly. The third party software that comes with them is usually a hit and miss.

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Jobs: I'm going to destroy Android

Read this provocative quote by Steve Jobs from Walter Isaacson's book that is coming out in the next few days. We would of course need to know the context to be able to judge the sentiment, but I think he really meant it.

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong, I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this. — Steve Jobs

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Simplified Google results UI

Looks like Google are trying another UI iteration at the moment. While lazily searching for dribble rather than putting the full domain into the address bar I was sent to the page shown above. It looks to have a much cleaner monotone set of icons and a nicer treatment of the search results typographically.

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Global-Image-Cyber-Warfare - the gTLD weaponry

Why would someone invest $187,000 for single name application with ICANN plus another few hundred thousands of dollars on related costs to acquire a new gTLD domain root system? Simple, the real motivation will be to declare global-image-cyber-warfare and to create global market domination under a name identity.

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Google Chat Robot

Google released a really interesting new Labs service called Guru. You can chat with Guru as if it was your human friend through Google Talk or any other chat application. In the picture above I used iChat. Guru only understands certain type of questions (not unlike somer of my human friends) therefore you need to use a specific syntax to be able to extract useful information.

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Will The Dotcom Kingdom Collapse?

Once ICANN approves the new super-powered gTLD domain names, what will happen to the some 200 million strong dotcom domain name kingdom? Will the new gTLDs and their massive sub-domain traffic of unlimited brand extensions create global cyber identity chaos? Will global trademark wars erupt on several legal fronts?  Will cyber-squatting hit the fan? Relax no such things.

Surely, the sudden influx of 1000 new powerful gTLDs will create the biggest buzz, as overnight hyper-visibility and marketing coups of various old and new brands will steal the show. Currently, a regular dotcom costs USD $10, but this new gTLD about USD $500,000 each. However the markets will face some serious questions about this new style of hyper-cyber-branding poised for global market domination.

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iPad 2: Tablet is getting serious

Jobs Today announced the new iPad 2, which on the surface seems like a boring speed bump aside from the two cameras and 3 axis gyroscope. But I think the 2x faster CPU and the 9x faster graphics chips are a very important.

The extra processing power opens up the possibility for more serious, complex, full featured and resource hungry applications, such as the newly announced iMovie and Garageband for iPad. This new tablet is is not just a mobile and media device anymore. It may soon make make the laptop redundant for more and more people.


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