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Okay, someone posted (or maybe I saw it on CG) the top ways to be successful at freelancing. One of them was to have a blog. Okay, so I'd been thinking about it already so I'm sold.

Which website/software do I go through or do I go through one at all (I have my own server used up until now just for the kids' website and whatnot). Let me know, thanks!

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alot of people use

alot of people use wordpress. i just installed it to see what its all about. its not bad especially for blogging and stuff.. I like exponent its a cms, but has many many cool and easy to use functions.


or check out
they have tons of blogs and anything else you could need for free... and you can test them out before you go though instaling them on your server

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Am using blogger. can i

Am using blogger. can i change to word press


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I would say if you only want

I would say if you only want to do a blog go with wordpress. If you want to add a lot of other features in the future including an e-shop, forum and other go with Drupal.

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Go with wordpress

Get wordpress. It has many great plugins plus a nice set of ready to grab themes :)

myBlog http://www.mierue.com

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