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Big dilemma - How to design the "G"

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone could give me it's opinion on the best way to design the "G" in this logo. Please focus ony on the "G" as the rest is pretty much final in my head ;)

Regarding the graphic symbol, it's only to show how the "G" will be used. The visual communication theme is hand draw design.

Not a pro graphic designer here, just someone that likes to design from time to time.

Thanks in advance.


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Use the same sort of G you have in ex. 1/2 but rotated a full 90 degrees (flush with horizon of current typography).

Why does your shields stroke look heavier on one side?

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Thanks for your comments. I understand that it looks more "normal" that way, but I wanted to make the "G" to resemble a Power On button and that way no one would make the connection.

Regarding the shield, it's supposed to be like that, as all the rest of the communication is based on free hand drawing (not simmetrical).

Once again thx for you comment :)



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I'd push it further then because it looks like a mistake rather than an intentional freehand drawing. The power button G integrated with typography is incredibly overdone, I'd suggest going with a combination mark of the shield and normal text- not both elements separated.

What's this logo for? A bit of background information about the company may help us with more specific critique and help understand your target market/ design choices better.

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I see. I'll try toput a bit more effort then. Thanks a lot for your comments. By the way, it's for a gadget insurance company.

Take care.

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Liked the #1 and a little bigger "G" with optical compensation between "C" that I see bigger than "G"

the shield is not good, it's like a shovel...

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated ;)

Take care.

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Be careful with Gravatar logo.


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