Basic questions about the artboard in illustrator

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How does the artboard work in illustrator? I don't have a printer available to me right now and I'm curious of a couple things.

1.When you go to print, regardless of what may be overlapping on the artboard, will only the regions within the artboard print?

2.Is there any way to set up the artboard so the area around it does not show overlapping objects?


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1. In your Illustrator print

1. In your Illustrator print settings there is an option under 'Setup' to crop the print to the: Artboard, Artwork Bounding Box (basically everything in the file) or a specified 'Crop Area'.

2. I'm not sure, but you can just mask out everything by making a box the size of the artboard and putting it at the top, selecting all and then doing a CMD+7 to crop it.

Wow, I haven't posted here in such a long time. Printing at the labs now though so I figured I would help you out.

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thanks, cleared up some questions

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