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Such moving photos and setup.

This goes definitely in my bookmarks. I'm in awe.

Fuelrock's picture
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Those are some amazing images. They even had a calming effect on me. I'll remember that when I'm feeling a bit stressed out

johnbeardy's picture
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Agree totally with you. Usually music and Flash drive me straight to the browser's Back button, but this merits full screen treatment.

I've known of this exhibition for a while and spotted a tantalizing comment: "It will be disassembled and reconstructed as Ashes and Snow travels to other venues in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe." Can't wait to see it for real.

Jammo's picture
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I had problems believing some of those were photos, they seemed too good. The video of the manatee was so peaceful. The photos and really give a feeling of love and respect - Amazing inspiration, thanks so much Ivan!

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