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Well heck not too many posts here so I will post a re-tooling of an old clients website. I posted an interim review a few weeks ago. Anyhow they wanted it close to the old site and simpler, so this is the site now... see what you think:

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Nice !!!!

Great job, one small change though... the links at the bottom dont feel right with the rest of the site. Blue link against black is hard to read, also the font size is too big there imo.

Great site, awesome photos, nice layouts.

thanks for sharing

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you've got a technical problem with safari. I sent a bug report to apple a while back but you can see the issue by seeing this example I set up on my web site. On the second page, after you click on the link at the bottom of the first page, the 2 images should be the same. On your page, because your background is bg.gif I saw it as a white image instead of dark grey. It was from some other random web site that safari had cached the bg.gif from.

best way to handle this (aside from making your html valid) is to pick a less common name for your background image.

also some more bug reports couldn't hurt.

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Yes Jammo I agree on both fronts about the color and the size. One of those client preferences thing. I can't explain it as they are architects and it would seem we would share the same tastes. Overall the textual links placement is ok... not as strong as some other layouts, but workable in this simple format.

That is an interesting tech issue regaring BG.GIF. I think for now I will just swap the name out for something more unique. Thanks for the heads up.