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Architectural Design Identity Logo

Hi Guys,
I'm fairly new to graphic design and I'm 16 years old, however I'm creating a portfolio and I designed this logo for a Architectural Design Company 'Tim Eastoe Architectural Desing'. I just want to know what you think of the logo and whether it could be improved.

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but you need to simplify, simplify, simplify. One of your main concerns when designing a logo should be how the mark will look when used at different sizes, on screen vs printed, and when printed in different colors. The main part of the logo, the "t" and "e" are nicely integrated, but I'm not sure they say "architecture". The typeface used for "architectural design" is a nice, sophisticated face that I think conveys the message, but if this logo were reduced down to business card size, the type would be difficult, if not impossible to read. The same goes for the thin lines surrounding the diamond shape - do they really support the message, and will they hold up if the mark is used at smaller sizes, in one color only or on the computer screen? The drop shadow looks good, but presents a production problem if the logo were to ever be printed in one color only. Also, I think raster effects like soft drop shadow should be avoided, if possible, so that the logo can be scaled to any size without pixelating. If you design in a vector program like Illustrator, you never have to worry about quality, not matter what size the mark is used at. I think you have a good foundation here in the main "t-e" part of the logo. Just keep working with it to simplify and keep in mind the different ways the logo could be utilized.

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Thanks, yeah I can see the problems it may face when shrinking the logo and mono tone colours. I initially wanted the logo to feature some strong design elements making it stand out, rather than the simplistic approach, although now seeing the issues it could create I can see that it’s a bit over the top in some areas. Thanks for the feedback!

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Im all for simplicity but this is a nice design. Really Nice. Maybe the design could be slanted. But Otherwise good i like it.

Matt Davey - Graphic and Web Design

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Nice, but i fully agree with the thoughts of what it'll look like when shrunk and reproduced. i think i mentioned it in another post that i had a teacher explain that you should fax yourself the logo, then re-fax the one you just received. if it still looks good, then you're onto something..

with that said, i like the logo. working for an architectural firm, i agree the font for "architectural design" is nice, it's an often used style in arch. firms. other then that, i'd just do away with the gradient drop shadow, and cut back on the pixel lines, maybe just have a few that are a little beefier so they show nicely when the logo is shrunk down.

i think you have a good design going, just keep in mind what it'll look like on a business card and when faxed.. heh..

Architectural Technician - Multimedia Designer

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Seem to have seen this design somewhere. . . hmmm but nevertheless its a great design. I thought it was a book cover, very dynamic and still geometric. I especially see an idea in it, that is the idea of construction lines creating the look. But a good rule of thumb is to shrink your logo down to the size of a postage stamp and make it black and white. That's the litmus test, if it cannot be understood right away, it has failed under that test :). I wish I were 16 years old again. . . .ahh memories! lol

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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Great design to start with....But I think you should restrict RED only to " t " and keep rest in monchrome, Also do away with other thin lines to make it more simplified version.


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