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Arabic Tattoos

I was browsing online and saw this one post from a guy who said he could design Arabic tattoos, I really want one bad and if you're that guy pls get in touch with me.....
I think Arabic Calligraphy looks really cool and it would be awesome to have it as a tatt.

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I thought it is against the religion to have tattoos for muslims. I guess there are different customs...

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Unless it effects ones health, we're not allowed to alter anything God created. Tattoos being permanent are not allowed..

That does not mean everybody is carefully following Islam.. Some even do things in the name of Islam and endup doing the opposite (remember the incident of your pregnant friend in the supermarket in Ramadhan last year?)

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I can Make cool Arabic Calligraphy works


Mr Ahmed Kandil

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I think it looks cool.

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thanks 4 ur comment


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Is there anyone around here that could translate an excerpt of an arabic poem back into arabic? I've been wanting to get this tattooed for a while and for the life of me, I can't find anyone that can or will translate it.

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I think you will not find any Arabic Calligrapher do that for you because it is illegal in Islam .


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Another good site for Arabic calligraphy is:

The site owner is aware of the use of Quranic verses as tattoos and won't do any quranic verses for use as tattoos.

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علاء جاي تحت الشمس في سأظل دائما احبك الى الابد حتى الايام الاخيرة من وجود

I want this tatooed on my shoulder for good but I need a hand doing it nicely can anyone help??? I am a student and can afford a calygrapher at the moment a friend is doing the tatoo as a Birthday GIft.



Its a bad translation cause I did it on a translator by computer.

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

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The translation which ya added is really funny, i could get the point but sounds very computerized!!!!

Arabic language is not a words meanings but something goes beyond that for example: sometimes one word can shortcut an entire line contains six or seven words and i believe that is why most of the softwares companies having great pain with the Arabic translation in both ways (A ≥ E or E ≥ Ar). it's an amazing language, a bit hard but it's enjoyable....

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