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The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

A fascinating and insightful analysis of the branding implications of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's recent decision to halt grant's to Planned Parenthood.

While the comments after the article are anything but apolitical, that article itself does a great job of tackling a topic fraught with controversy in a politically neutral manner.

While not about design per se, this does examine brand identity. communication, and public perception.

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I'd disagree and say there was nothing accidental about it. The person Komen brought in to run the show had an agenda - she purposely pulled funding to please the anti-choice people. One thing not noted in that post is Komen also funds Penn State to the tune of something like $5.7 million. Penn State is also currently under investigation - and not some sham congressional "investigation" like Planned Parenthood. If you've been aware of the news in the past six months you know what's happening there. Komen has not said a word about them, although according to their new "rule" - Penn State's funding should have been pulled as well. Obviously Komen CHOSE to punish PP and it backfired on them. Now they're scrambling - they've already issued a half-assed mea culpa and claim to be reinstating the PP money, but the damage is done imho. They need to fire the person who made the wrong call in the first place and make it perfectly clear they made a huge mistake and they are sorry. The lesson is never let politics make a business decision for you unless you are ready to lose the clients who do not agree with that decision. Incredibly stupid move on Komen's part.

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I deeply hope that the public outrage over this smarmy incident (not the first, but only the latest, as you correctly point out) will translate into a rejection of the GOP at the polls this November. I think it's wonderful that in the past few days, Planned Parenthood has received unsolicited gifts totaling over three times the amount of the funding Komen threatened to pull.


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The Democratic party should send a thank you card to Komen for the Cure specifically addressed to Senior VP Karen Handel. "We appreciate your efforts to show the American public the potential consequences of voting for the right-wing Republican party. You have removed the theoretical implications of such a decision and have turned them, if for one day, a fact beyond all reasonable debate."

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