18th century old school line art

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Anyone know where I can find such illustrations? In particular I am looking for science related drawings or tools and simple machines that were used back then. (around the american revolution time period late 1700s-early 1800s) They can be things I am just grabbing off the internet, not necessarily royalty free or rights managed as this is just for spec and will eventually be illustrated. Anybody know of any sites? Thanks.

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I can't think of anywhere

I can't think of anywhere I've seen what you're looking for but you can always try google and teh Adobe Studio Exchange (http://share.studio.adobe.com/)


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Have you tried searching the Wikipedia? The Inventions section of the 18th century has links to articles about Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin, and other inventions. I hope this helps some.


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I don't know of any site,

I don't know of any site, persay, but Dover Books makes all sorts of pictoral archive books that have tons of these sorts of illustrations completely royalty-free. The books are pretty cheap too.. $20 or so each, and they range across many different topics.

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